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How to choose headphones for your smartphone

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How to choose headphones for your smartphone

Listening to music has become an important part of our lives to the point that some of us simply cannot go through our day without it. When you want to listen to your favourite music different headphones will give you different listening experience and sound quality, so it is important to choose the right headset for you. We sell a range of headphones and earphones in various colours in store.

The following are what you might want to consider before deciding what type of earphones or headphones you want to buy.

  • Wired vs Wireless
    Depending on how you want to use your headset you need to decide if you want it to be wired or wireless. Wireless headsets gives you the freedom to move while you enjoy your favourite music or podcast.
  • Headphone fits On-ear headphones
    They rest on top of the outer ear and they don’t cancel the surrounding noise.

    – Over-ear headphones
    The rest around the ear and they are better at noise cancellation.

    – Open-ear headphones
    Also known as bone conduction headphones, they don’t cover the ears but still provide good quality sound.

    – Standard Earbuds
    They rest at the beginning of the ear canal and the ridge of the outer ear.

    – In-ear Earbuds
    They are similar to standard earbuds but they’re better at cancelling the surrounding noise and deliver better sound quality.

    – Noise cancelling headphones
    They’re much bigger in size but deliver good quality sound while cancelling the surrounding noise efficiently.

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